Scientific publications created in the course of the project.

Yearsort iconAuthorsTitle
2008Vijay D'Silva; Daniel Kroening; Georg WeissenbacherA Survey of Automated Techniques for Formal Software Verification
2008Nicolas Blanc; Daniel KroeningRace Analysis for SystemC using Model Checking
2009Bryant, R; Kroening, D; Ouaknine, J; Seshia, S; Strichman, O; Brady, BDeciding Bit-Vector Arithmetic with Abstraction
2009Purandare, P;Wahl, T;Kroening, DStrengthening Properties using Abstraction Refinement
2009Kroening, D;Weissenbacher, GVerification and Falsification of Programs with Loops using Predicate Abstraction
2009Basler, G; Mazzucchi, M; Wahl, T;Kroening, DSymbolic Counter Abstraction for Concurrent Software
2009Kroening, Daniel; Strichman, OferA Framework for Decision Procedures in Program Verification
2009Willibald Krenn; Bernhard K. AichernigTest Case Generation by Contract Mutation in Spec#
2009Bernhard K. Aichernig; Harald Brandl; Franz WotawaConformance Testing of Hybrid Systems with Qualitative Reasoning Models
2009Martin Weiglhofer; Bernhard Aichernig; Franz WotawaFault-based Conformance Testing in Practice
2009B. Polgár; I. Ráth; Z. Szatmari; A. Horvath; I. MajzikModel-based Integration, Execution and Certification of Development Tool-chains
2009Daniel Kroening; Natasha Sharygina; Stefano Tonetta; Aliaksei Tsitovich; Christoph WintersteigerLoopfrog: A Static Analyzer for ANSI-C Programs
2009Angelo Brillout; Daniel Kroening; Thomas WahlMixed Abstractions for Floating-Point Arithmetic
2010Byron Cook; Daniel Kroening; Philipp Ruemmer; Christoph WintersteigerRanking Function Synthesis for Bit-Vector Relations
2010Daniel Kroening; Georg WeissenbacherVerification and Falsification of Programs with Loops using Predicate Abstraction
2010Daniel Kroening; Natasha Sharygina; Aliaksei Tsitovich; Christoph WintersteigerTermination Analysis with Compositional Relations
2010Angelo Brillout; Daniel Kroening; Philipp Rümmer; Thomas WahlAn Interpolating Sequent Calculus for Quantifier-Free Presburger Arithmetic
2010Rickard Svenningsson; Jonny Vinter; Henrik Eriksson; Martin TörngrenTowards Fault Injection Based Minimal Cut Sets Generation
2010Rickard Svenningsson; Jonny Vinter; Henrik Eriksson; Martin TörngrenMODIFI – A MODel-Implemented Fault Injection Tool
2010Rickard Svenningsson; Henrik Eriksson; Jonny Vinter; Martin TörngrenModel-Implemented Fault Injection for Hardware Fault Simulation
2010Z. Szatmari; B. Izso; B. Polgár; I. MajzikOntology-based assessment of software models and development processes for safety-critical systems
2010Blanc, N. ; Kroening, DRace Analysis for SystemC using Model Checking
2010V. D'Silva; D. Kroening; M. Purandare; G. WeissenbacherInterpolant Strength
2010Alastair Donaldson; Daniel Kroening; Philipp Ruemmer. Automatic Analysis of Scratch-pad Memory Code for Heterogeneous Multicore Processors
2011Nannan He;Philpp Ruemmer;Daniel KroeningTest-Case Generation for Embedded Simulink via Formal Concept Analysis
2011Rickard Svenningsson; Henrik Eriksson; Jonny Vinter; Martin TörngrenGeneric Fault Modelling for Fault Injection
2011B. Polgár; I. Ráth; I. MajzikModel-based Integration Framework for Development and Testing Tool-chains