Model-based Integration, Execution and Certification of Development Tool-chains

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


5th European Conference on Model-Driven Architecture Foundations and Applications (ECMDA), Workshop on Model-Driven Tool & Process Integration (MDTPI), Enschede, The Netherlands (2009)


Software development processes are typically supported by a set of different tools that assist the designer in various phases of development like modeling, verification, source code generation, testing. Tool-chains can be formed by the integration of tools that are related to the subsequent steps of the process. In this paper, we present a tool integration
framework which applies metamodel-driven and process-centric design patterns. Motivated by our research activities in various projects, our framework is based on standard process models, which allows the re-use of tool integration patterns as well as automated checking of the conformance of tool-chains to development standards. We make use of the state-of-the-art Rational Jazz platform as a technological basis.