D 1.2 - State of the Art Survey - Part a: Model-based Test Case Generation

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MOGENTES public project deliverable (2008)




Model-based test generation techniques are on the rise. This is not surprising because they promise cheap, flexible and correct test cases in a world of ever increasingly complex systems.

Because model-based testing draws from formal methods and the wide body of known testing techniques, a lot of scientific work exists. This survey tries to give an overview of recent advances in the field, where following chapters are addressed in particular:

  • Systems models for testing
  • Test case generation techniques
  • Fault injection techniques
  • Industrial case studies



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  • Bernhard Aichernig: aichernig<at>ist.tugraz.at
  • Willibald Krenn: wkrenn<at>ist.tugraz.at
  • Jonny Vinter: jonny.vinter<at>sp.se
  • Henrik Eriksson: henrik.eriksson<at>sp.se