Budapest University of Technology and Economics


  • Research Partner
  • Lead Work Package 2 - Framework

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is represented in the MOGENTES project by the Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group (FTSRG) at the Department of Measurement and Information Systems (DMIS).

BME is the largest technology-oriented university in Hungary. The department is characterised by the following educational, research and development activities:

  1. embedded information systems,
  2. intelligent system design, and
  3. dependable systems and model-driven systems engineering.
The main research field of the Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group is the model-driven development and analysis of dependable computer systems. The group consists of 30 members, including 7 PhDs.
Related FP6 European R&D projects with the participation of the group include the DECOS IP (Dependable Embedded Components and Systems), the HIDENETS (Highly Dependable Ip-based Networks and Services), the DIANA (Distributed, equipment Independent environment for Advanced avioNic Applications), the SAFEDMI (Safe Driver Machine Interface for ERTMS Automatic Train Control) STREPs and the ReSIST (Resilience for Survivability in IST) NoE. The group is also included in the FP7 projects AMBER (Assessing, Measuring and Benchmarking Resilience) and GENESYS (GENeric Embedded SYStem Platform).
The competence of the group includes
  • system modelling,
  • formal analysis,
  • model transformations (VIATRA framework),
  • tool integration,
  • verification and validation of dependable systems,
  • dependability assessment,
  • system optimisation and
  • dependability consolidation.