AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

  • Project Coordinator
  • Research Partner
  • Lead Work Package 1 - Requirements and State of the Art
  • Lead Work Package 5 - Test-Case Generation and Assessment
  • Lead Work Package 8 - Dissemination and Exploitation

The AIT Austrian Insitute of Technology takes a leading position in the Austrian innovation system and a  key role in Europe as the RTO focusing on the key infrastructure topics of the future.

AIT provides research and technological development to realize basic innovations for the next generation of infrastructure related technologies in the fields of health & environment, enery, mobility and safety & security. These technological research areas are supplemented by the competence in foresight & policy development.

As a national and international network node at the interface of science and industry AIT enables innovation through its scientific-technological expertise, market experience, tight customer relationships and high quality research infrastructure.

MOGENTES fits into AIT's research area "Highly Reliable Software and Systems". This research area is focusing on the development of new software standards as well as new methods, tools or process approaches for verification and validation of highly reliable and save software and systems in the fields of autonomous systems (e.g. robotics, automotive, special-purpose machines, etc.) and cooperative systems with special focus on the traffic infrastructure.

The core competences of the area are design, development, integration, and verification & validation (v&v) of dependable and reliable systems. The main ambition is, to make autonomous and cooperative systems safe, supporting the vision of antidromic convergence of autonomy and cooperation within intelligent systems