0 Martin Weiglhofer Bernhard Aichernig Franz Wotawa 2009 Fault-based Conformance Testing in Practice International Journal of Software and Informatics Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 3 2-3 375–411 <p>Conforming to protocol specifications is a critical issue in modern distributed<br />software systems. Nowadays, complex service infrastructures, such as Voice-over-IP systems,<br />are usually built by combining components of different vendors. If the components do not<br />correctly implement the various protocol specifications, failures will certainly occur. In the<br />case of emergency calls this may be even life-threatening. Functional black-box conformance<br />testing, where one checks the conformance of the implemented protocol to a specification<br />becomes therefore a major issue. In this work, we report on our experiences and findings when<br />applying fault-based conformance testing to an industrial application. Besides a discussion<br />on modeling and simplifications we present a technique that prevents an application from<br />implementing particular faults. Faults are modeled at the level of the specification. We show<br />how such a technique can be adapted to specifications with large state spaces and present<br />results obtained when applying our technique to the Session Initiation Protocol and to the<br />Conference Protocol. Finally, we compare our results to random and scenario based testing.</p> http://www.ijsi.org/1673-7288/3/375.htm