%0 Conference Paper %B 22nd International Conference on Computer Aided Verification %D 2010 %T Termination Analysis with Compositional Relations %A Kroening, Daniel %A Sharygina, Natasha %A Tsitovich, Aliaksei %A Wintersteiger, Christoph %C Edinburgh %I Springer %P 89-103 %S Lecture Notes in Computer Science %V 6174 %X

Modern termination provers rely on a safety checker to construct disjunctively well-founded transition invariants. This safety check is known to be the bottleneck of the procedure. We present an alternative algorithm that uses a light-weight check based on transitivity of ranking relations to prove program termination. We provide an experimental evaluation over a set of 87 Windows drivers, and demonstrate that our algorithm is often able to conclude termination by examining only a small fraction of the program. As a consequence, our algorithm is able to outperform known approaches by multiple orders of magnitude.

%8 15/07/2010