@inproceedings { 192, title = {Test-Case Generation for Embedded Simulink via Formal Concept Analysis}, booktitle = {Design Automation Conference}, year = {2011}, abstract = {

Mutation testing su ers from the high computational cost of
automated test-vector generation, due to the large number
of mutants that can be derived from programs and the cost
of generating test-cases in a white-box manner. We propose
a novel algorithm for mutation-based test-case generation
for Simulink models that combines white-box testing with
formal concept analysis. By exploiting similarity measures
on mutants, we are able to e ectively generate small sets of
short test-cases that achieve high coverage on a collection of
Simulink models from the automotive domain. Experiments
show that our algorithm performs signi cantly better than
random testing or simpler mutation-testing approaches.

}, keywords = {mutation-based test-case generation; embedded software; Simulink; change impact analysis; concept lattice;}, URL = {http://www.kroening.com/publications/view-publications-hrk2011-dac.html}, author = {Nannan He and Philpp Ruemmer and Daniel Kroening} }